closed / open ratio

last events

These are the last one hundred events that have been recorded.

The y-Axis shows how much time passed until the next event.

~20.000 Litres

of Water have been flushed

~40 Rolls

of Toilet paper have been used

since 22. November 2016

monthly averages

More than 5 days were spent on the toilet over a timespan of more than 150 days.

Visitors spent an average of ~2 minutes
on the toilet.

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hourly usage

The average Time spent on the toilet per hour.

AM (1:00 - 12:59)

PM (13:00 - 00:59)

more than 2000 visits

have been carefully counted by Big Poop Data since 22. November.


You can be sure that Big Poop Data (.com) is more effective at fighting terrorism and crime than any other surveillance or data-collection program ever before!

Always remember, this could be your toilet.

The website shows the real-time state and compiles statistics on the fly.